Out Of Town Patient Information

How Long Do I Need to Stay In Town for My Breast Augmentation?

This is a great question as I have many patients that fly into Austin to have their Breast Augmentation surgery.

I typically have patients come to town for about ten days. I have patients send pictures ahead of time so that I can review them and make sure that you are a good candidate for the surgery before traveling to Austin. Then I will have my patient care coordinator set-up a Skype call for us so that we can talk about the surgery β€œin person.” You also have your labs drawn in your hometown and sent to our office so that the surgery goes a smooth as possible.

I will see you the day before the surgery so that we can talk about the surgery again and so that you can get familiar with our office and surgery center, which are located on the Baptist Hospital campus.

The day of the surgery you will come in the morning, I will mark all the areas that I am going to liposuction and fat transfer. The nurses will start your IV and then you will talk to one of our board certified anesthesiologists.

You go home the same day of the surgery, then come back the following day where we help you take of your compression garment then you can go back to the hotel and shower.

I see you again in one week to make sure that everything is going well and then you can fly back home. We usually stay in touch over email to answer any questions that arise of the next couple months.

I hope this helps.