Natural Looking Full ‘C’ Cup: Will 400cc Silicone Breast Implants Achieve That Result for my Breast Augmentation?

Published on December 4, 2015

This is a very common question as one of the most common requests in terms of end result after a breast augmentation is a “Full C”. This is helpful in initiating your discussion about your procedure with your plastic surgeon, however breast implant cc do not correlate with cup size. A patient’s final result in terms of cup size will vary on several factors such as initial cup size, bra type, body frame and chest size.

Natural appearing can vary from person to person depending their pre-operative size and breast tissue. No question that silicone breast implants tend to give patients a more natural and soft appearance than saline implants. With silicone implants patients can typically go a little bigger and still have a soft natural appearance compared saline implants.

An average implant in the U.S. is around 375cc, so 400cc implants are well within a very common implant size. However patients can have implants that range from 200cc to up to 800cc depending on the their aesthetic goals from their breast augmentation.

I would advise you to do a couple things to help yourself decided what you implant is best for your breast augmentation. One, be open about your aesthetic goals with our plastic surgeon, then he or she will be able to guide you in choosing the correct implant. I typically have patients do at least two sessions of sizing to with the Mentor Sizing System. This system allows patients to come into the office and try on implants with a bra and tank top. They then are able to look at themselves in the mirror and have a realistic idea of what the implants will look like on them as a 400cc implant will look different on different people. The reason I typically have people do this more than once is that the first time people try on implants they tend to feel like everything is big because they are not used to it.

Lastly I would recommend not getting too caught up in cup size as this will vary from bra to bra. Also patients can talk themselves out of the implant that is goal to help them achieve their aesthetic goals form their breast augmentation because of trying to pic a specific cup size. Looking in the mirror and just deciding if you like the way you look in my experience has helped patients find the implant that reaches their goals.

Please spend time discussing your breast implant options with your board certified plastic surgeon.