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Will a Breast Reduction Lift my Breasts?
This is a great question as the difference between a breast reduction and a breast lift can be confusing at times. A breast lift removes excess skin (and at times a small amount of extra tissue for shaping) and reshapes the breast to lift them and give them an overall more youthful appearance. A breast reduction will remove excess skin and breast tissue with the goal of making the breast smaller, but also more aesthetically appealing.

A breast reduction is a breast lift that also removes some of the excess breast tissue to help patients achieve the size that fits their body.

Many of the patients that I see for a breast reduction have been thinking about the procedure for years. They usually have concerns of back pain, difficulty wear or finding bras that fit them and difficulty exercising. Breast reductions typically improve most of these concerns. Patients are usually extremely happy after their reduction, as they have had these concerns for such a long time.

There a several methods in which a breast reduction is performed but the goal of all the different surgical methods is to reduce the overall size of the breast, lift them and improve the overall shape.

Please discuss your breast reduction surgery with your board certified plastic surgeon.

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