I have had breast implants for 14 years. How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

This is a common question as I often have patients come into the office because they have had their breast implants for over ten years and want to change them. I always discuss with patients what the actual reason is for changing the implants. If the only reason is because the implants are over ten years, but they overall still love their breasts I would tell them to keep them. I would not change them just because you have reached a certain year mark.

However if patients have other concerns about their breasts (they have fallen because of kids, etc) then we should change the implants. I would not do surgery on a woman’s breast with implants over ten year old and not change them if we are going to be in surgery already.

So the short answer is you do not have to change your implants because of certain year mark, but if you need a secondary surgery and your implants are over ten years old, I would advise changing them at the time of your surgery.

Please consult you board certified plastic surgeon for further information.