What Breast Lift Procedure is Best for Me?

This is a common question as we all want to minimize the incisions and scars if at all possible. There are several types of lifts that can be used to treat the specific needs of each patient.

There are three types of lifts that are possible for patients, and they are all very good for the correct patients.

First is the peri-areolar lift that is used for minimal ptosis of the breast. The benefit of this procedure is that it limits the scar to only around the areola. It avoids any scars down the front of the breast or in the crease. This lift can be done in conjunction with a breast implant (and more often then not is done with an implant). Special sutures are typically used to keep the scar a fine line and maximize the final shape of the areola.

Second is a vertical lift that can be used for a variety of patients with mild to severe ptosis of their breast. This lift is entails an incision that goes around the areola and down the front of the breast, but it avoids the incision along the fold of the breast. This lift can also be used in combination with a breast implant to improve the overall shape of the breast.

The third lift is a full or anchor lift. This is the most powerful of all the lift procedure as it is able to remove any excess skin and transform the breast into its proper shape. This lift can also be combined with a breast implant. This is often done in a mommy makeover.

There is no one lift that is perfect for everyone. The lift that provides the fewest incisions while giving you an aesthetically pleasing shape is what is best. I always tell patients you don’t want to do lift that is not going to accomplish your aesthetic goals because you don’t want more incisions, because then you have gone through a surgery and still don’t have the results you desire. When patient work with their plastic surgeon the breast lift with implant can be a very powerful procedure that can restore breast to their perky youthful appearance.

I hope this helps.