What Questions Should I ask Before Deciding on My Plastic Surgeon for My Breast Augmentation?

Deciding on the surgeon for your breast augmentation can be a difficult one. The good news is that there are a lot of qualified board certified plastic surgeons that can safely perform your surgery and give you a great result.

It is important to ask the right questions during your consultation:

  1. Is your surgeon a board certified plastic surgeon?
    • Be sure he or she is a plastic surgeon, there are a lot surgeons that are cosmetic surgeons or board certified in other fields other than plastic surgery. They do not do the same training as a plastic surgeon.
    • You can check the American Board of Plastic Surgery website for a list of plastic surgeons in your area.
  2. Does your surgeon commonly perform this procedure?
    • Ask to see before and after pictures or look online for reviews on the procedure.
  3. Where is the surgery performed?
    • Is the procedure performed in an accredited surgery center or hospital?
  4. Who performs the anesthesia for the procedure?
    • Is an anesthesiologist performing the anesthesia?
  5. Before and After Pictures
    • Looks to see a variety of pictures
    • Ask specifically if the pictures you are being shown are from the surgeon that is actually performing you surgery. Not stock pictures from a practice.
  6. Videos
    • Ask if the surgeon has any videos of the procedures you are wanting to have done. It will give you in site into they way they do things and you will be comfortable that the surgeon commonly performs the procedure.

I hope this helps, please consult with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for you Breast Augmentation.

I am going in for my first breast augmentation consultation; I would like to know what usually happens during this consultation?

This is a great question, as patients often want to know what to expect at their breast augmentation consultation. Being prepared with questions and knowing the process will make the consultation more pleasurable and meaningful for you.

The purpose of the initial consultation is several. First of all you need to find out if you are a good candidate for a breast augmentation, some patients are better served with a lift and augmentation or another procedure to help them reach their goals.

Second, the consultation will help you decide if I am the correct plastic surgeon for you. There are a lot of good plastic surgeons in the Austin area. It is important that you feel comfortable with your surgeon. You want to know that they are going to be there for you through out the whole breast augmentation process.

Thirdly, the consultation will explain the process from beginning to end. This will include what is needed to prepare for your breast augmentation surgery to the actual day of your surgery and the recovery needed from the procedure.

Forth, at the consultation we will discuss the various breast implant options, including size and shape of the implants. Deciding on the best size for each individual person is the hardest part for women as they have so many options now to choose from for their breast augmentation surgery. To make the decision easier I will have you put on a special bra and tank top then use our sizing kit to allow you to see what you would look like with the various implant sizes. I have you try on a full range of implants as I want patients to try on a lot of different implants so they can make an informed decision about what breast implant they like best!

During the consultation we also discuss the various styles and shapes of implants available to patients. I show you the difference between a shaped and round breast implant. We also talk about smooth and textured implants. Lastly we discuss the new implants on the market including the gummy bear implants. There is no one implant that is best for everyone so depending on your individual goals I can recommend the best implant for you!

I also encourage patients to bring in pictures of the look they are hoping to achieve with their breast augmentation. This will help me guide patients on an appropriate implant to achieve these goals.

After we have finished sizing with the breast implants you have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have that I did not cover during the consultation.
Once all of your questions have been answered you will have time to speak with the patient care coordinator. She is the one that will help with scheduling your surgery by finding the date that works best for you. She will also go over the total cost of the procedure. She can also answer any questions that you might have forgotten to ask during your consultation. The patient care coordinator can also help with care credit or other financing options if you are interested in these as well.

At the completion of the visit you will be given a packet that has all the information that was covered during your consultation that way you can refer back to it when you get home. You also have Dr. Franco’s email and his patient care coordinator’s email in case you have questions when you get home or several days later.

I hope this help with an overview of your breast augmentation consultation. Please consult with your board certified plastic surgeon about the procedure as they can help guide you through the process.